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Unlock the Full Potential of Public Services.

Partner with Serefin to streamline service access and enhance citizen satisfaction.

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the Overall Value

Empower citizens and enhance satisfaction with Serefin's expert guidance.

Tremendous effort and cost go into designing and implementing public sector services and programs. However, even the most well-designed programs can fall short if citizens cannot access them effectively. That's where we come in. Our team of experts, combined with our innovative technology and standardized protocols, can help you improve the utilization of your services and programs by providing citizens with the guidance they need.

Enhance citizen satisfaction and ensure that your programs deliver maximum value to those most in need.

the problem

Accessible Public Services
The Challenge.

Accessing public services can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience for many Canadians. The complex nature of service delivery and a lack of clear information and guidance can make it difficult for citizens to understand what services are available, whether they are eligible, and how to access them.

A fragmented design

Numerous studies have shown that the fragmented design of public sector services impacts access, results in incremental costs, and increased citizen dissatisfaction.

Increases program costs

This can have high costs for both citizens and the government, including reduced satisfaction with services, increased administrative burden, and inefficiencies that result in higher costs.


"…many government services have been developed over time in a piecemeal fashion, resulting in a fragmented service delivery model."

Government of Canada, 2019, Service Design Playbook

"…the complexity and fragmentation of government services can create barriers for Canadians, particularly those who are most vulnerable."

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, 2019, Towards a MoreInclusive and Accessible Public Service,

"…the fragmentation of government services can create confusion and frustration for citizens, particularly those who require services from multiple levels of government."

Senate Committee on National Finance, 2016, Getting it Right: Improving Service Delivery in Canada

"… the fragmentation of services across different departments and agencies can create challenges for citizens trying to access services." "…recommends that the city take a more coordinated and integrated approach to service delivery to improve accessibility and reduce barriers."

City of Toronto, 2019, Improving the Accessibility of Services in the City of Toronto

"Canadians expressed frustration with the lack of empathy and understanding from government service providers, and cited a lack of consistent training for front-line staff as contributing factors."

2019 report by the Office of the Auditor General of Canada
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Experience the difference a
human touch can make.

Our mission is to humanize the citizen experience. We provide expert and dedicated guides, such as nurses or social workers, to personalize the experience of navigating the complexities of public sector services.

By leveraging our expertise, technology, and standardized protocols, we help citizens get the most out of their services.

Our support for the AccessOAP program and all inbound traveller COVID-19 testing at Quebec and Manitoba airports are great examples of our team in action.

Focus on the technology and processes

Technology and processes that support, not replace, the human touch.

We work closely with our clients to design solutions for every project we undertake, tailoring our technology and processes to fit their unique needs and requirements.

Our technology and processes are never an end in themselves - instead, they are a means of enhancing and supporting the capabilities of front-line staff, empowering them to provide person-centred support to citizens. This approach leads to better outcomes for citizens and helps optimize program efficiency and reduce costs.


Your partner in making services accessible to all.

Serefin Health understands the challenges public sector organizations face in delivering accessible and effective services to citizens. We have a proven track record of unlocking the full potential of these services through a human-centred approach that puts citizens at the forefront.

Experienced Team

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have worked with government organizations at all levels, from local to federal. We bring a wealth of knowledge and best practices to every project and are committed to delivering customized solutions that meet each organization's unique needs.

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Passionate about making a difference

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of citizens. We take pride in our ability to help government organizations achieve their goals of delivering high-quality services accessible to all. By working with us, you can be confident that you are partnering with a team dedicated to your success and committed to delivering results exceeding your expectations.

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