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Your Travel Fulfillment Experts.

Trust us to deliver seamless booking and management. Serefin Travel provides the technology and processes for a reliable, scalable, seamless and efficient booking experience.

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Your passport to hassle-free travel experts.

Let us take care of your travel booking needs so that you can focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Our comprehensive suite includes bespoke, purpose-built services with unique supplier partnerships and differentiated marketing capabilities to ensure you can offer your clients personalized and exceptional service. Our vast travel inventory includes hotels, air, cruises, resorts, and tours.

We offer white-label solutions to enable you to maintain your brand identity while leveraging our technology and services. Our online booking platform, CRM and analytics system capture travel details to create data-driven marketing and revenue optimization. Our contact centre provides branded, personal, and omnichannel support, with intelligent virtual assistants available to handle inquiries efficiently.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Simplify travel booking with our fast and easy online system: designed to automate your booking process, with multiple payment options available.

The powerful and user-friendly booking engine can search multiple suppliers and offer real-time availability, pricing, and booking confirmation. We can handle complex itineraries and several bookings in one transaction.

This makes it easy to book travel for your clients quickly and efficiently.

Elevate your brand with our personalized marketing and white-label solutions

We know that your brand is a critical aspect of your business. That's why we work closely with our clients to design custom solutions, tailoring our marketing and white-label capabilities to enhance your brand.

With our white-label solutions, clients will see your brand throughout the booking process.

While our marketing capabilities enable you to offer your clients personalized and differentiated solutions to drive increased engagement and revenue.

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Access to our vast network of travel suppliers

We have established unique supplier partnerships that enable us to offer a vast travel inventory, including hotels, air, cruises, resorts, and tours.

We take the headache out of managing a vast inventory of travel options from many suppliers with access to our sophisticated inventory management systems that can handle large volumes of data and dynamically adjust prices and availability.

Leverage the volume discounts we have negotiated with suppliers to offer you the best possible prices.

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Deepen customer relationships with data-driven insights

Our portal allows your employees to track all their health information in one convenient location. They can add their medications, allergies, conditions, vaccinations, and upcoming medical appointments. Studies show that personal health records improve medication adherence and self-management, especially for chronic diseases. Ultimately, this will lead to healthier employees and less workplace absence.

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Experience the difference a human touch can make.

Our contact centre is the backbone of our travel fulfillment services, providing personalized, omnichannel support that enhances the customer experience and enables you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Our highly trained travel experts are available 24/7 to assist with any travel-related inquiries, from booking and itinerary changes to special requests and emergencies.

Branded, personalized support

With branded, personalized support, your customers can have peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated team of professionals working to ensure their travel experience is seamless and stress-free.

By partnering with us, you gain a competitive edge by having access to a world-class contact centre focused on delivering exceptional customer support.

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Experience the difference a human touch can make.

In today's post-COVID world, health and safety are top of mind for travellers, and providing peace of mind is essential. Serefin can differentiate your travel bookings by adding access to a nurse concierge service that offers personalized travel health advice to your customers, helping them stay healthy and safe while on the go.

This makes it easy to book travel for your clients quickly and efficiently.

Serefin's Care Concierge service

Serefin's Care Concierge service, built on our extensive care coordintation heritage, provides pre-trip travel advice and a health portal for travellers to track all their conditions, allergies, medications, vaccinations, and more. First responders can access this vital information in an emergency using the branded emergency card. Finally, travellers can access a nurse through the portal for non-emergency advice.

By partnering with us, you can offer your customers an added layer of protection and support, helping to ensure their travel experience is safe, healthy, and stress-free.

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Trust us to deliver exceptional travel experiences

Choosing the right partner for your company is crucial for success in today's fast-paced and competitive travel landscape.

Serefin Travel is the partner you can trust.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the travel industry, our management team has the deep expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the ever-changing market trends and customer demands.

We understand the unique needs and challenges facing travel agencies and travel management companies. We partner with you to understand your needs and determine how best to utilize our comprehensive travel fulfillment services to maximize your growth and profitability.

We are committed to your success and satisfaction and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Serefin's overall DNA is about creating incredible customer experiences. Let us help make them for your customers.


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