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Unlock a World of Opportunity
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Serefin Travel: The Ultimate Travel Experts for Your Loyalty Program.

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Serefin Travel: The Ultimate Travel Companion for Your Loyalty Program


Light a fire under your rewards programs with our earn-and-burn solutions.

Unredeemed points can indicate stagnant customer engagement, decreased loyalty, reduced incentives to make new purchases and tarnish your valuable brand image.

We create and deploy complete earn-and-burn strategies to drive your customer experience and buying behaviour, including curated travel offers and significant value-added complementary services such as Health Concierge for Travellers.


Connecting Health and Travel

Care Concierge for Travel provides travellers access to licensed nurses for travel advice before, during, and after their trip. Nurses practice a closed-loop care coordination approach by conducting follow-ups. Gain peace of mind with this seamless travel health support program.

Don't let your rewards program get left behind – drive customer loyalty with aspirational travel rewards.

Travel is a highly sought after reward.

Its aspirational value and high-ticket price makes it an excellent 'earn' item that can drive customer engagement and loyalty, especially as people look to fulfill their desire for travel post-pandemic.

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Enhance customer retention and acquisition with our tailored travel solutions. Your members won't need to look further for their desired rewards.

Serefin Travel Logo. Clear. Vector

Serefin Travel offers comprehensive travel booking and redemption to ignite your rewards program.

The core of Serefin Travel is our travel redemption services. You gain access to travel booking, a state-of-the-art contact centre, supplier partnerships to ensure a substantial inventory of travel options, and Serefin's travel marketing expertise.

Travel is the reward most desired by customers, and health is the new travel

By bringing both together in a white-labelled program, we enhance the perception of your brand while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

As safety and health are a top priority for travellers, especially in this post-covid world, what better way to add incremental value for your customers than by adding Serefin's Care Concierge service to every travel booking?

Serefin Care Concierge provides travellers access to licensed nurses for pre-trip travel advice and non-emergency health questions while away.

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Comprehensive travel redemption for your loyalty program.

Deliver the ultimate loyalty experience with our comprehensive travel redemption services. From online to offline, we offer the breadth and depth of capabilities that loyalty programs demand.

Our white-glove approach provides your most loyal customers with state-of-the-art personalization that enhances their perception of your brand.

With safety and health a top priority for travellers, differentiate your offer and show how much you care by adding our Health Concierge service?


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