Partnering For Healthier And More Productive Workplaces

How Care Concierge empowers you to create a healthier workforce

Healthy Employees, Stronger Bottom Line
A Collaborative Approach

 Healthy and happy employees are the cornerstone of a successful organization. That's why we offer Care Concierge, which enhances the quality of life of your workforce while optimizing your bottom line. By partnering with us, corporations and insurers can maximize the full potential of employee benefits, fostering a workplace environment where everyone thrives.

We work collaboratively with corporations and insurance providers in the areas below.

Optimize Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Care Concierge can seamlessly integrate with existing EAP & benefit programs,  maximizing their impact and utilization.

Enhance Insurance Program Effectiveness

We help employees navigate benefits plans effectively, leading to improved health outcomes and reducing unnecessary costs for insurers.

Empower Employees with Personalized Support

Our dedicated care coordinators provide confidential guidance and support, enabling employees to make informed healthcare decisions and manage their wellbeing.

Workplace Stress, Remote Work Challenges,
And Rising Absenteeism Costs

A 2023 report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that workplace stress remains a major concern, with over 50% of employees reporting high-stress levels leading to absenteeism and reduced productivity. The shift to remote work during and after the pandemic has further exacerbated these issues, with increased anxiety and mental health concerns among remote workers.

The Person-Centered Solution For Corporations

Care Concierge provides comprehensive support that addresses the following challenges.

  • Stress Management Guidance and Resources for:

    • Work-Life Balance Support.

    • Personalized Care Coordination.

    • Supportive Work Environment Creation.

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Maximizing Insurer Programs

Employee benefits programs are a valuable resource for corporations, but navigating complex plans and utilizing them effectively can sometimes be challenging.

  • Personalized Guidance:

    We help employees identify resources.

  • Proactive Outreach:

    We encourage preventive care.

  • Early Intervention:

    We connect people with the right health resources.

  • Data-Driven Insights:

    Identify opportunities for improvement and cost control.

Improving Program Effectiveness

Low program utilization and member dissatisfaction can lead to high churn rates for insurers.

  • Increased Utilization:

    Through simplifying navigation and personalized support.

  • Improved Health Outcomes:

    Increases program satisfaction.

  • Differentiation:

    Care Concierge is a unique, value-added benefit.

  • Data-Driven Insights:

    Understand utilization to improve programs.

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What Is Care Concierge And
How Does It Benefit Everyone?

Care Concierge is a comprehensive employee wellbeing solution that provides person-centered support and guidance to understand healthcare options, manage chronic conditions, and make informed health decisions.

For Insurers:

Increased Program Utilization:

Care Concierge simplifies programs and encourages employees to utilize insurance benefits more effectively.

Improved Health Outcomes:

Proactive support leads to better member health outcomes, potentially reducing care costs down the line.

Differentiation in a Competitive Market:

Offering Care Concierge as a value-added service can help insurers attract and retain corporate clients.

For Corporations:

Enhanced Employee Retention:

A healthier and happier workforce leads to lower turnover rates and improved talent acquisition.

Reduced Absenteeism Costs:

Care concierge can lower absenteeism and increase productivity by helping employees manage stress and chronic conditions.

Improved Program ROI:

Data-driven insights on program usage help corporations optimize their benefits programs and potentially reduce costs.

For Employees:

Reduced Absenteeism Costs:

Access to confidential support, stress management resources, and person-centered care navigation leads to a healthier and happier workforce.

Increased Productivity:

Care Concierge helps employees stay focused and productive by empowering them to manage their health effectively.

Greater Job Satisfaction:

Feeling supported by their employer in managing their wellbeing contributes to a more positive work experience.

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