Order From Complexity

Serefin's high-touch personalized service, coupled with our management platform, provides exceptional service in employee benefits, healthcare navigation, travel and rewards programs and contact center.

You're Not alone

We champion human care and compassion in a tech-driven world that often loses sight of those things. We aspire to personalize everyone’s journey through complex systems. We aim to bring more care to customers’ experience of your brand across channels and services.

Simplifying the complex

Simplifying people, processes and technology. We cracked the code on overcoming complex system navigation in 2010 by applying better management and coordination.

We developed our innovative and proprietary management platform to optimize and increase our management and coordination capability.

Our foundational belief in blending a high-touch personalized service with innovative technology and standardized procedures has been the driving force behind our success in the healthcare space, and the basis for extending exceptional service to employee benefits support, travel, rewards and contact center.

What can we do for you?

We improve the experience for your citizens, patients, employees, customers, rewards and loyalty program members who access your services and programs.

We craft custom programs for each client, leveraging our three pillars – people, process and technology. Here are some examples.

Loyalty & Credit Cards

• Premium & Travel Rewards Oriented Credit Cards Globally.
• High status Members of Travel Loyalty Programs
• Add-on Subscription Service for Lower Tier Cards


Corporations Small & Large

• Employee benefits & wellness programs
• Executive benefit for high status employee
• "Duty of Care" for future Corporate Travel Needs


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