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Serefin: Person-centred service and advanced technology for exceptional support in employee benefits, healthcare, travel, rewards, and contact centre solutions.

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You’re not alone. We champion human care and compassion in a tech-driven world that often loses sight of those things.

We aspire to personalize and coordinate your journey through complex systems. We aim to bring more care to customers’ experience of your brand across channels and services.

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Serefin Health

Person-centred, high-quality healthcare and advice at Serefin Health Clinic. Our Serefin Care Concierge embeds custom coordination services for corporate employee benefits, insurance and credit card providers, or rewards and membership programs.

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Serefin Experiences

Enhance brand loyalty through Serefin Experiences' bespoke contact services that redefine excellent client experiences.

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Serefin Travel

Offering online and agent booking solutions for travel agencies and management companies. Igniting customer loyalty with irresistible travel promotions and fulfillment services curated by our travel and marketing experts.

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Simplifying the Complex.
People, Processes, and Technology.

Serefin simplifies complex systems through a unique blend of people, processes, and technology.

Our innovative and proprietary management platform, initially developed in 2010, optimizes coordination and management.

We believe in the power of combining high-touch person-centred service with technology and standard procedures, driving our success in healthcare coordination and expanding exceptional support to employee benefits, travel, rewards, and contact centres.


Our people are the backbone of our business and play a critical role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. It's our core belief that human connection is vital to providing personalized and meaningful services that meet each client's unique needs. We hire people passionate about making a difference and committed to putting our clients first. We empower our teams with innovative technology and streamlined processes, giving them the tools they need to deliver consistent, outstanding service.


Our rigorous processes are essential to delivering the exceptional service your end clients deserve. We create the best possible journey for the client first, with a thorough understanding of the client's needs. Standardized processes deliver consistent, high-quality service. We incorporate a feedback loop and constant monitoring to ensure the optimal client experience. We constantly analyze and refine our processes to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible service.


While we believe in humanizing the customer experience through personal interactions with our experts, we recognize the importance of technology in supporting and enhancing their efforts. Our innovative and bespoke technology is purpose-built to backstop our people and processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Seamlessly integrating our technology with our expert-led approach empowers our staff to make informed decisions and provide the best possible service to your end clients.


What can we do for you?

We enhance the experiences of citizens, patients, employees, customers, rewards and loyalty program members who access your services and programs.

By leveraging our three pillars of people, processes, and technology, we create custom solutions tailored to meet each client's unique needs. Here are some examples:

Woman checking travel itinerary on mobile while travelling
Travel Agencies and Management

Travel fulfillment technology, processes and marketing for a reliable, scalable, seamless and efficient booking process.

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Woman using rewards points tp purchase merchandise
Loyalty & Credit Card Solutions

Drive greater customer loyalty with our full suite of travel services complete with earn-and-burn strategies and curated value-added offers.

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Employee using health concierge app to receive health advice
Corporations & Insurance

Reduce costs while showing your employees you care by adding health and wellness management to your Employee Benefits Program.

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Citizen using app to access public sector service
Public Sector

Unlock the full potential of your services and programs by providing citizens with the guidance they need.

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