We Champion Human Care And Compassion

Who We Are

Navigating complicated systems and processes can feel daunting. But it doesn't have to be that way. We envision individual journeys centered on care, support, and collaboration, grounded in proven practices. We're passionate about bridging the gap between complicated systems and getting you the help and guidance you need. Through meaningful conversations and a human touch, we empower individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities and achieve better outcomes.

Person-Centered Care

We put you first with human connections and by understanding your unique needs.

Prioritizing Personal Connections

Don't get us wrong—technology is awesome, but it can't replace the feeling you get from empathy and person-centered care.


We believe in empowering individuals and organizations to confidently navigate complex system, providing the support needed to make informed decisions.

Integrating Technology and Empathy

We believe in proven, evidence-based practices that ensure our approach delivers the best possible care outcomes.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Cultivating Confidence

We think everyone deserves to navigate systems with confidence, no matter their situation.


We put you first with human connections and by understanding your unique needs.


We continuously explore new methodologies and technologies to improve outcomes.

Today’s Global Reach

Serefin World Wide Operations

Serefin currently operates globally with over

400 employees across 4 continents

Origin Story

From Wait Times to Efficiency: Our Aha Moment

In Thailand, long wait times and overflowing hospitals presented a major challenge. Skip Schwartz, President of Serefin Health, saw an opportunity to improve care by streamlining the system.

Here, the "aha moment" struck: better care coordination could connect patients with the most appropriate resources, reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency.

Inspired by these results, we founded HealthCare365 to transform healthcare management in Canada.

Our Timeline

Serefin's journey began in 2010 with the founding of HealthCare365, Canada's first health management organization. Driven by a passion for simplifying complex systems, we've since expanded beyond healthcare to offer travel and contact center services. Our core mission remains the same through it all: to empower individuals and organizations through human connection and innovative solutions.


Created HealthCare365, the first health management organization in Canada.


Launched the first virtual health concierge service.


Rebranded as Serefin with Health and Experiences divisions.


Launched Serefin Travel.

Our Team

A Team With Deep & Diverse Expertise

Omar Ahmad, President, Serefin
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Omar Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

"Omar is responsible for the overall running of Serefin, driving vision and strategy"

My journey has always been about driving transformation and creating value. Whether in healthcare, e-commerce, or travel, my passion lies in building high-performing teams and innovative solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. At Serefin, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration, ensuring we deliver personalized and impactful services. The potential to generate meaningful change and progress keeps me motivated and committed to our mission every day.

Track Record of Excellence
Skip Schwartz About Us Portrait
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Skip Schwartz

President, Serefin Health

"Skip is responsible for guiding Serefin’s Health division, including Care Concierge, our clinic and mental health initiatives."

I have always been in the 'caring' business as a health building and system designer or operator. My goal has always been to see how being thoughtful and innovative could improve our collective abilities to care for one another. What I want from our team is to provide a professional and dignified service to our clients. To accomplish this requires great teammates, incredible technology, and a hefty dose of thoughtfulness. When one boils it all down, my aim is to ensure that our version of healthcare centres around a conversation that helps define goals and trust. I like to think that what we try to do is marry old-style family healthcare philosophies with modern technology to allow for longer and more meaningful conversations with our clients. I really want to bring back the old-fashioned idea that we all crave a great service experience, which is so important in healthcare.

Track Record of Excellence
Walter Wakulowsky About Us Portrait
Serefin Experiences Logo small

Walter Wakulowsky

President, Serefin Experiences

"Walter is responsible for running Serefin’s outsourced contact center division, Serefin Experiences"

My passion lies in creating transformative customer experiences and fostering loyalty through innovative contact center solutions. At Serefin Experiences, I am dedicated to leveraging my extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise to drive exceptional service delivery. The opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our clients and their customers keeps me motivated and inspired.

Track Record of Excellence
Latifa Soobedar About Us Portrait
SerefinMEA logo

Latifa Soobedar, M.Sc.

President, Serefin Middle East and Africa

"Latifa is responsible for leading Serefin’s expansion into the Middle East and Africa across all lines of business"

I believe that life should be lived fully, felt deeply and connected meaningfully to people and purpose. I am, therefore, so inspired each day by the stories of people's lives that I am invited to share. My cup is always empty to learn and grow and I am committed to enabling people on their own personal journey of calibrating their wellbeing. My clinical background has created a unique lens that I have brought to the corporate landscape and now to the wider community. I truly believe that empowering people with the right knowledge, tools, and resources will lead to healthier communities with better wellbeing outcomes for all. I am eager to bring a more proactive approach to health and wellbeing to the Middle East and the world!

Track Record of Excellence
serefin travel

Alejandro Roche

Head of Serefin Travel

"Alejandro guides Serefin’s Travel division, including the Travel Rewards programs and Booking Services"

Travel is in my DNA. I got involved in travel when I was 19, arranging a family reunion for a group of friends. Since then, I have been assisting individuals, families, and corporations with travel for what matters most to them: from designing the perfect honeymoon to a family reunion after a long pandemic to organizing important corporate events and client visits.  Travel is indeed the only thing you buy that makes you richer; it helps bring people closer and tear down barriers, helping bridge cultural gaps around the world. I believe the world is a better place because of travel, and I am proud to be a part of it!

Track Record of Excellence
Andrew Clarfield About us portrait
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Andrew Clarfield

Chief Operating Officer

"Andrew oversees the company's daily operations, implements effective business strategies, and ensures operational excellence across all departments"

I am deeply committed to creating positive change and adding value to our business through innovative solutions and effective leadership. My journey has been driven by a desire to tackle complex business challenges and make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve. At Serefin, I am proud to lead a varied team dedicated to excellence, continuously striving to improve our services and outcomes for our clients by simplifying their complex journeys. With the right combination of vision, dedication, and collaboration, I believe we can drive progress and make a real difference in people's lives.

Track Record of Excellence
Megan Rideout About Us portrait
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Megan Rideout

Chief Revenue Officer

"As Chief Revenue Officer, Megan is responsible for sales and marketing for Serefin across all its divisions."

One of my love languages is acts of service.  It's been a thread in everything I've done in my career over the last 25 years, and working with the Serefin team has brought that to bear in so many ways.  I love our people and our clients, and the work we do ultimately helps so many people in very practical ways, which is what truly gives me purpose.

Track Record of Excellence
Vera Kohut About Us portrait
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Vera Kohut

Medical Director, Serefin Health, Hon BSc. Pharmacology, MD, CCFP, FCFP

"Dr. Kohut is responsible for managing patient care and evaluating and integrating innovative management strategies for patient care."

"I feel immense joy and wonder every day at work, where I have the honour and privilege of caring for people. It's not just about treating their ailments but also about improving their overall health and wellbeing, which makes practicing medicine so fulfilling. By getting to know each individual and offering them the support they need, I can significantly impact their lives. I gain new insights not only about them but also about myself. I feel fortunate to be part of such an extraordinary experience."

Track Record of Excellence
Paul Methot, Serefin Chief Technology Officer
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Paul Methot

Chief Technology Officer

"Paul oversees all IT activities, including developing the platforms upon which all Serefin divisions rely."

I am driven by a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex problems and create meaningful impact. Throughout my career, I've seen firsthand how innovative solutions can transform industries and improve lives. My goal is to harness the power of technology to bridge gaps, simplify processes, and enhance experiences for people everywhere. At Serefin, I am excited to lead a talented team in pioneering advancements in digital health and travel, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Track Record of Excellence