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December 4, 2022

HealthCare 365 Announces Rebrand

HealthCare 365 will rebrand to Serefin to reflect its growth and services expansion.

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December 4, 2022

Toronto, Ontario. HealthCare 365, the leading care coordination organization, announced today that it had completed a significant rebranding. The rebrand to Serefin reflects the company's expansion of services and future direction.

The company was founded in 2010 to provide coordination and management that solved the systemic gaps in healthcare and employee and insurance programs that prevented access to care. The company has continued to develop its innovative management platform and extend these services to credit card and membership rewards programs. It has also expanded its personalized approach to enhance user experience with bespoke customer contact centres.

"The old brand implied the company only operated in the healthcare sphere. The reality is that we are adding coordination and management into so many new areas, we needed a new brand", explained Omar Ahmad, Serefin CEO. "We will continue to deliver the most personalized service, but now it will be to a larger base of customers."

Many industries require clients or customers to understand and navigate complex journeys, which can be overwhelming. Serefin will simplify how anyone can access those services. Serefin is taking the learnings, its innovative management platforms, the standardized procedures and talented people and creating new services in travel and tourism for member associations, credit cards, loyalty cards and rewards programs.


About Serefin: Serefin focuses on delivering exceptional experiences for our clients, which include citizens, patients, employees, rewards, and loyalty program members. Serefin enhances client access to services for public sector agencies and offers bespoke contact centre services to improve brand experience. Serefin adds virtual health and wellness support to corporate and insurance benefits programs, credit cards, travel and tourism loyalty and reward programs.

Serefin's foundational belief is blending innovative technology and standardized procedures with high-touch personalized service to create high-quality customer experiences.

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